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Movement done with a mix of intention and breath to bring balance. Balance means calm, poise, strength and mobility. How did you choose to move today?


We have a vision. An intention of building a holistic centre that offers a myriad of alternative therapies through bodily movement. Movement heals the body and the mind in complementary and yet different ways to those offered by conventional medicine and healthcare providers.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of movement instructions based on alignment and breath.


“A great, all-over workout. Can really feel that my out-of-shape muscles have been put through their paces.”

Anna L.

“If you’re looking for a good place to get your heart pumping, then Pilates Bahrain Studio RCT is the way to go. They managed to get my fitness routine back on track and I’ve never felt this good! Definitely the best Pilates Studio in town.”

Quinn Davis

“From the minute I stepped foot into Pilates Bahrain Studio RCT, my life changed almost instantly. Their instructors really know how to make a long lasting impact with their workout sessions. Definitely a place I would recommend if you want personalized attention to reach your fitness goals.”

Jessie Brown

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